Vancouver-based indie trio beekeeper’s latest EP, Shout At People, is a great musical example of the fun a band can have when writing and performing music. The five-track release from Devon Lougheed, Luke Cyca, and Brandi Sidoryk is an experimental, multi-genre combination of rock, comedy, punk, and country that is completely full of surprises.

Taking the group’s resumes into account, beekeeper’s off-the-wall music makes sense. Lougheed, a comedian, writer, and member of Hey Ocean!, and Cyca, a computer scientist, and a drummer in several other Vancouver-based groups, formed the band in 2009, and released a full length record, BE KEPT. They were joined by Sidoryk, a bass player and opera singer, in 2011, and released their next EP, Take Me Back (To The Place). Since then, they have toured Canada, competed in The Peak Performance Project, and released Shout At People.

The EP is full of unexpected twists. The first track, “Bees,” functions more like a teaser than as a song, preparing listeners for the randomness that is to follow. The track is only 40 seconds long and is reminiscent of the Mama Mia sequence in Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” From there, the record launches into the indie-pop “It’s The Blood,” a catchy and up-tempo tune that balances steady drum sequences with guitar hooks and vocal bits. “I Don’t Need Hope, I Need Whiskey” turns in a more punk-oriented direction, with darker instrumentals and dramatic vocals. The fourth track on the album, “Oh, Hi!” maintains the temperamental sound, and comes close to falling into dangerous whiny emo territory, but saves itself at the last moment with a surprising transmission to folky guitar, blending the rock with country. Shout At People’s final track, “Good News,” is a quick and jumpy tune with amusing lyrics and a toe-tapping beat, closing the album on a quirky and fitting note.

Though after a first listen the randomness of the album might cause some critical confusion, Shout At People proves to be a unique and entertaining collection of songs from a group of people who obviously have a lot of fun creating music. To learn more, or to listen to Shout At People, visit <>.