Denisa Kraus
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Photos by Denisa Kraus.

VIU hosts monthly free bike maintenance by the Hub City Cycles. The next session will be held on Monday, November 1 from 11-3pm outside the Students’ Union building.

Visual Arts students cradle their works—clay chickens made in the ceramics class. Alexander Kalmakov, a fourth year Global Studies student, says he is very passionate about chickens: “They are very important and political—it’s all about food security. And we are bringing chickens out of clay and combine their form with their earthiness.” Coby McDougall, fourth year graphic design student, sees the assignment differently: “We just had to make a chicken.”

Farmship Growers Co-op member and WEST trainer Craig Evans (left) and one of his students offer fresh local organic produce to students outside the upper cafeteria. The sale day takes place from 11-1:30PM every Thursday until the end of November.

Theatre students greet guests at their annual The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the Malaspina theatre on October 17. Dressing up accordingly to the costumes in the movie is part of the tradition.

The Pithead, the exterior installation and part of The Claim exhibition at the campus branch of Nanaimo Art Gallery, was closed to public by VIU’s safety committee and the Facilities department due to safety concerns. A gate is currently being built at the deck entrance to allow access to the site, while access to the sculpture remains in negotiation.