I love a good murder mystery, a chilling cold case, or an old-fashioned whodunit tale. With winter break on quick approach, what better way to fill all those habitually sleepless nights than with a brand new must listen list? In no particular ranking order, here is enjoyable ear candy for those in the crowd tired of Let it Go and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Alice Isn’t Dead – From the creators of Welcome to Nightvale, Alice Isn’t Dead is an audio diary of a truck driver travelling across America to find her wife. In her quest, she comes across a conspiracy far greater than her missing spouse (whom she has long thought dead). She discovers, in her search across abandoned towns, murderers who are something—just not human.

Casefile: True Crime – Dive into the true crime world with Casefile, an anonymous podcast that covers a wide variety of murder cases from around the world (albeit with a largely Australian focus, as such are the creators). Regardless, it is well-researched, avoids bias, and is an excellent podcast to keep you up at night.

My Favorite Murder – Two friends, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, built their friendship on a shared love of true crime. Each episode, they sit down and describe a murder that captivated them that week. With a broad survey of topics from the perpetrators’ rave days, therapy sessions, and favourite shows—it’s a comedy podcast that tears apart murderers while still being respectful of victims.

Radio Drama Revival – This podcast brings back old radio dramas and gives them new life.

Sawbones A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine podcaster Justin McElroy provides the gaffes for his wife, Dr. Syndee, as she takes us through the history of medicine. A guide through our medical history: how humanity discovered each disease, the stupid ways they dealt with them, and how we treat them now.

Thinking Sideways – Three friends, Joe, Steve, and Devon, get together each week and deconstruct a real-life mystery. As Joe states (incorrectly) every week: they’ll figure it out. Rather; they capture listeners’ attention and turn everything into a conspiracy, covering everything from strange murders to UBV76, the mysterious Russian buzzer station.