By contributor Sarah Packwood

Award-winning Canadian comedian, Debra DiGiovanni, will be performing at The Port Theatre on Tuesday, October 18 at 8 pm. The event will run for about two hours and fellow Canadian comedian, Kyle Bottom, will be opening the show.

DiGiovanni’s routine is set to include anecdotes and observations of her daily life from over the past few years. Since moving from Toronto to Los Angeles in 2013, DiGiovanni has found herself in a place of starting over, all while experiencing major culture shock—and she has a lot to say about it.

“Canada is so great! Oh God, we’re so great,” seems to be DiGiovanni’s current motto, and she’s excited to be returning to this great land once again to bring many laughs and many happy, “sweaty” hugs for fans.

Audiences of DiGiovanni’s comedy show can expect a true, honest, and engaging routine. DiGiovanni believes that comedy is “[one art form] that has the most connection with the audience,” and is excited to laugh over personal stories with her Nanaimo audience during and after the show. DiGiovanni said she plans to greet fans after her set with hellos, pictures, and hugs because that’s “the dessert” of the show.

Dan Quinn, organizer of DiGiovanni’s Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland dates, says he is excited to bring DiGiovanni back to Nanaimo for the first time since 2014 because she “is a total sweetheart” and has a very similar persona on and off the stage.

While not the type of comic whose work is subject to extensive censorship, DiGiovanni wants Nanaimo show-goers to be aware that her act is somewhat adult-oriented. “I do use language, and I do talk about some adult things,” DiGiovanni says, “because I’m an adult.”

DiGiovanni also wants anyone nervous to attend a comedy show to understand that she is “never, never going to pick on anyone” in the crowd during her show. “That’s not fun for anyone,” she says. “We are just here to have a laugh and have a nice evening.”

Tickets for Debra DiGiovanni’s comedy show are $30 each. Tickets are available in-person at The Port Theatre box office, by phone at 250-754-8550 or at <>.