By contributor Megan Wolfe

While standing outside of The Buzz Café, waiting for the doors to open for the concert and album launch, you could see the strong support Gold & Shadow has gained from the community. Many people in the crowd said they had also attended the band’s show the previous night at The Vault Café. Several members of the art-rock group came outside to talk to family, friends, and fans. The band engaged with the audience, laughing about an inside joke, and that carried through into their show.

Though the seats were filled at the beginning of the set, towards the end, most of those in attendance were at the front, singing and dancing along with the band as they played. The high energy of their performance carried throughout and even had band member Jordan Lineker jumping into the crowd and sing “Play another one if you feel like it” after they finished their set, which brought around their encore and a successful launch to their tour and new album Torch.

G&S Cheryl (1)When Gold & Shadow began recording in April 2013, the band was excited to hear those first playbacks of the drum and bass tracks. “The possibilities are endless” and “anything can happen,” said frontman Dane Letourneau. Now that the album is released, they’ve gone on a tour through Western Canada to promote themselves, and they strongly encourage other local bands to do so as well, saying it is well worth the extra effort to share their work. The name of the album is inspired by the themes of light and darkness, as well as redemption. They want to invite their listeners to have an experience while hearing their album, to do more than put it on in the background. Go out and take a walk, give the music your full attention.

With punchy tunes like “Searching for Sara” and “Running Out of Room,” Torch will have you up and grooving along with it. You can find it on various digital retailers like iTunes and Bandcamp.

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