Above: ???? courtesy of HYPE music

By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland

It only takes one listen to hear the depth of life experience and heartache in Kendall Patrick’s lyrics. A Nanaimo native, Patrick can be found most evenings working at The Vault Cafe. In this supportive community, with it’s creation-stimulating aesthetic, her strength as a poet and musician is well received and proclaimed.

The sound pours out with a sultry soul-soothing vibe felt in the core of listeners. Patrick creates original folk melodies to tell her story with humble artistry.

“The first time I played a song, that I wrote and performed for anyone, was in grade nine,” she says. Since then, she’s grown into her voice—both musical and lyrical.

This year, she released her EP Peaks and Valleys, which “Patrick believes is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is yet to come,” says Paula Danylevich of HYPE Music. Patrick gained “newfound confidence in her own voice and in allowing herself to be open to work with other collaborators.”

Her lyrical poetry is applicable to a vast dichotomy of relationship dynamics. Love is treated as both an action and an experience in the lyrics of Cannonball.

“When you miss your folks

When you burn my toast

When you make bad jokes, I will love you the most”

The official music video can be found on Kendall’s YouTube page @kendallexe. If you want a chance to see her live, she will be playing along with two other local artists, April 10, 8 pm at The Vault Cafe. Cover is $5.