O’ earth, my muse, tell me of your young heroine who travelled far by catamaran. She suffered her own education in rage and fire to torment governments and corporations far and wide. Tell me more, oh worldly muse, how your lush and wildness still stands so tall. But will you perish? Oh, toxic earth, a liberator confronts you. Though humanity must listen and make change. Greta, young leader, left the harbour of Plymouth on a carbon-neutral transatlantic crossing. Her journey began, with one goal in mind. To speak her truth and stop the process of mass extinction of humankind.

With rough seas and brooding winds, the voyage took longer than thought. Fifteen days amidst the chaos of open waters her vessel fought. Zero emissions sailing across the globe to arrive in New York City at last. O’ earth, listen, and you will hear such spirited verses. Her brave candor echoes in the ears of millions, to hear and see again. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” she said. The lost promises from world leaders infuriates a generation. Climate change is real, stop acting passive! is her message. “People are dying! And all you can think about is money and fairy tales of economic growth. How dare you!” she declares. A crisis has arrived, “treat it as if your house is on fire” and “this is more than something you can like on Facebook.” We are a growing population that continues to burn fossil fuels, and toss waste into our oceans.

O’ earth, we hold you in the palm of our hand, with Greta taking lead. A tiny but potent powerhouse, a force she brings with the wind and across the seas. For national chaos that did not occur overnight, she brings a simple message—Vote, Vote, Vote—as an ignorant generation survives today.