Megan Zolorycki

Megan is a fourth-year Creative Writing and Business student. Between managing The Nav, doing an internship for Vancouver Magazine, and being in Portal, it’s safe to say she has little time for anything else. In her miniscule amount of free time, Megan enjoys trying as many new dumpling flavours as humanly possible and reading cheesy romance novels.
An illustration on a person with shopping bags on both arms and boxes piled high, with one free hand they have a cell phone in which they are adding a new item to their cart

12 Months of Less

The Nav’s Managing Editor is on a quest to spend less in 2024. That means giving up her weekly treats and saying no to sales that pop up in her...
photo of street light with Earls restaurant sign in the background.

Goodbye Earl(s)

Late on a Monday night three years ago, I was behind a $10k bar, getting yelled at by a balding, overly sweaty 40-year-old man.  I stood there with...
old car with metaphors of student challenges(mental health, covid-19, housing,inflation) in the back seat. Interstate sign above signalling two paths: student debt, burnout.

Dear Professors,

I’m sitting in the $800 bedroom I’m renting. I hear my four other roommates in the rooms around me. My back aches from the $5 stool I bought on...