The Navigator Book Swap Boxes

The Navigator Student Press has refurbished and repurposed our newspaper boxes, creating two mini libraries for VIU students, staff, and faculty to exchange books. You can’t miss them. One box, bright orange, sits outside the cafeteria (building 300). The other stands guard in its vibrant neon blue at the top of campus (at the top of the stairs in front of the Environment Sciences building, or building 370). We hope the VIU community can use these libraries to share, give, and learn together.

Illustration of a newpaper box turned into a little library. By Charlie Szafron

We also want to hear your thoughts on the books you find there! Send us a review after you read—whether you hated it, or loved it—and you may be published on our site (and get paid for it, too).

Make sure you check out all the other articles, videos, and podcasts on The Navigator website. If a book is too long, or if you don’t like reading at all, we still have something for you at The Nav.


Rules of The Nav Book Swap Boxes

Respect the Book and The Box.
Please treat books and boxes with kindness. These boxes runs on the honour system so make sure you leave the reading material in good condition for the next person.

Leave What You Enjoy
We want these boxes to be spaces where people share the literature they love—not the dry, dusty textbook you were forced to buy.

If You Take, Make Sure You Leave
For these boxes to work properly, we need books coming in as well as going out. If you want to read more than one book, consider taking one, returning it, then taking another one.


Submit a Book Review

Be sure to include:
• The Books Title and Author
• Your Name (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
• A brief synopsis or summary of the books plot (without spoilers)
• Why you loved or hated the book. Or why you’re indifferent.
• Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why or Why Not?
• Final thoughts and opinions

Refrain from strong language and profanities
And finally make sure it is all fit withing a word count of between 200-500. The Navigator reserves the right to refuse submission and to edit for space or clarity.

Submit Your Book Review to

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