Category: Vol. 55, No. 3

The Nav Hikes Benson

Jack is joined by their partner Amy Swanson, and two intrepid Navigators, Barbara Burgardt, and Sophia Wasylinko, on a hike up Mount Benson. Relax at home and listen to this rambling adventure in the wet and wild, where you will be immersed in the atmosphere of Vancouver Island forests on a cloudy November day. Striking vistas, unexpected challenges, and looming dangers await!

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Sailing the Wild

Sailing the open ocean isn’t a child’s dream summer. But after a few years of adventuring the East Coast of Vancouver Island, the Baker family was ready to tackle the West Coast. Sailing runs in their blood. Circulating the Deer Group and the Broken Group Islands, this family sailed together for almost ten years total. Follow this family on just a few stories about the wonders of the West Coast.

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A World in Three Minutes

I’m outside now. I’m laying down, and everything is bright and blurred around me. This dream again. It’s been recurring lately. I hear voices. I can’t make out the words, but they sound panicked. Yelling. They echo, the voices gaining in intensity until it becomes unbearable, and I wake up.

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The Nav Goes Forest Bathing

Mike shares his transformative experience exploring forest bathing as a way to connect with nature, slow down, and find inner peace. Discover the power of Forest Bathing and ‘Blue Mind,’ highlighting the psychological benefits of green environments and water.

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