We made it. The last issue of volume 47. The Navigator has seen its share of struggle and success this past year. As Managing Editor, I have had such a privilege working with some great writers, awesome designers, and devoted contributors.

Then April comes,  and for some reason we stop publishing. Students go back home and vacate the normally full campus for the summer and our paper lulls to a light hum. Therefore, I need a job. Even journalists need “real” jobs to get by, and for one who has made the top of her masthead in fourth year, it sure isn’t as easy as I thought.

What’s worse is the lack thereof in terms of actual reporting jobs for entry-level journalists. Nowadays, you have to be able to write creatively; edit copy; take photos and videos, and edit them; and understand WordPress, InDesign, and just about every other Adobe and Microsoft program. The jack-of-all-trades journalist must have social media experience, and be able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. Sounds easy enough, right?

While I scour websites for something that slightly resembles “editor,” I am in the midst of gathering a new handful of creative writers, graphic designers, and media students for volume 48, and it’s looking good.

I’d like to make a few introductions, and a few farewells. As we say goodbye to a few deer-in-the-headlights graduates, we open our doors to eager second, third, fourth, and sixth years.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome back Natalie Gates, Catherine Charlebois, and Avery Crosson, who have all earned promotions within, taking on Associate Editor, News Editor, and Art Director respectively.

Then we’ve got my right hand woman, Kelly Whiteside, who, along with myself, can’t seem to leave this paper. Brendan Barlow, our Arts Editor, has also decided to stick around, and possibly begin an endeavour connecting your campus newspaper with the community radio station (TBA). Social Media with Megan Wolfe changes hands to Elissa Doerksen, our YouTuber from volume 46.

With a jealous look and a congratulatory wave, I say goodbye to Antony Stevens, Kaytee Davis, Lori Shwydky, and Emily Johnston, all 2016 grads.

In their place comes a myriad of new faces with fresh talent to add to the already great team: Zyre Hoskins, Jessica Pirson, Cole Schisler, Diana Pearson, and Spenser Smith.

What else can I say but thank you for your continued readership of a dying breed. I hope you’ll continue to follow where the Nav goes. It will be good.