By Associate Editor Natalie Gates

With the looming Kinder Morgan Pipeline decision, Trump’s ever-wavering and often frightening stances on policies and social issues, alt-right group gatherings, earthquakes, shockingly racist party photos from Canadian universities, the predictably stressful, panic-attack inducing end of semester pester, and endless despair plastered in front of us, I thought I would take this space to talk about…


I love it. You love it. We all love it.

But do you relish in all its glory often enough?

Personally, it’s a bit of a daily ritual for me. I often go to bed thinking about what I will make when I get up. Scrambled eggs with avocado, toast, and a grapefruit? Oatmeal with cinnamon, berries, chia seeds, and almonds? A big thick smoothie packed with everything but the kitchen sink? It doesn’t always have to be fancy, it just has to be made with intention.

I wasn’t always like this, but now that I’ve discovered my love, there’s no going back. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spend most of my grocery money on breakfast foods.

To be fair, I often don’t have to be out of the house super early in the day as I work from home and most of my classes are in the afternoon, so this gives me some wiggle room. Still, I got shit to do, so I make sure to carve out a reasonable few minutes to prepare a nom-inducing nutritious concoction before I start the daily grind. After a workout or simply rolling out of bed and straight into the kitchen to make a steaming cup of coffee or tea to accompany the mini feast? Ugh yes! There is truly nothing like it.

It nourishes your body, fuels you for the crazy day ahead. It sustains your mind and gets the gears moving. It cultivates energy in your soul. Maybe it gives you a moment to simply slow down—even if just for a few minutes.

Breakfasts on days where the schedule is empty after “wake up” is even better. GOING OUT for breakfast—nay, BRUNCH! Can I get an amen?!

I’m hooked on the bennies, man—I can’t get enough. That crisp but soft little English muffin, like a tush that just wants to be bitten, buttered ever so slightly.

Then the works—my personal favourites being a creamy, bright green avocado, and a crimson, roasted tomato. But the possibilities are endless.

Atop this is an egg so perfectly formed, it’s outer white smooth and pure, but what it surrounds is where the real glory lies. Mother Nature’s natural sauce—a golden orange substance that tastes like no other and drenches the muffin in liquid satisfaction. Despite my obsession with breakfast, I have yet to master poaching an egg, so I bow down to these beauties each time they are placed before me.

And finally that slightly salty, slightly tangy, creamy—I deeply apologize if this has come across as uncomfortably sexual—hollandaise sauce.  More like “hollan-yays”, or “holidays” ‘cause every time you eat it, it’s like a freaking celebration in your mouth.

And to compliment it, a side bowl of fresh, beautiful, rainbow coloured fruit, cut just right. Never forget your fruits, kids.

Don’t even get me started on such indulgences as waffles and the like.

So yes, while some things in the world suck, but breakfast doesn’t have to. It can seem like a hassle sometimes—something to shove down your throat on the way out the door, but it should be so much more than that when possible. Take the chance to look forward to making your breakfast once in a while—or go out if you want. You deserve it.

Mamma always said it is the most important meal of the day.

Now in her fourth and final year of a political studies major and journalism minor, Natalie has been on The Nav team for about two years. When she’s not brainstorming stories or studying, she’s usually on her yoga mat, going for a hike, listening to Springsteen, or fantasizing about what to cook for dinner.