I’m graduating this year, which means you’re reading my last editorial. I’ve been on The Nav’s Masthead since 2016, and Managing Editor since 2017. Originally I planned to do a little poem about my time at The Nav, but then I saw Spenser’s 7-Eleven snack list. While I cannot abide his erroneous list, I thought I’d utilize my space by ranking every 7-Eleven in Nanaimo from best to worst, so you know where to get your snack on.

Nicol Street (R.I.P)

If you’ve been around long enough to remember the Nicol Street 7-Eleven, then you know what I’m talking about. Best selection, cleanest store, and the highest-quality Slurpees. Great place to make new friends. Would give a perfect score of 7/11.

Terminal Ave

Terminal Ave has some of the best staff. Always very friendly, quick, and kind. Cleanliness is key at this location. Food is very fresh and since Nicol Street is no more, Terminal Ave has the highest quality slurpees in Nanaimo. 6.5/11

Departure Bay

Departure Bay has the most scenic location, and provides for all your last-minute beach snacks. It is probably the biggest store, featuring the most selection of treats. Slurpee quality is usually pretty good, but they always stock the obscure flavours. 5/11

Bowen Road

Bowen Road is one of the only locations in town to boast its own kitchen, which means the food is the most fresh of any location. It is smaller and lacks the selection of the other stores. Slurpee quality is often runny, but works well for any other 7-Eleven needs. 4.5/11

Blueback Road

Blueback Road is pretty cool, except that it’s way the heck on the north end, which means it’s irrelevant. It does not feel like a regular 7-Eleven location. It’s pretty clean, selection is good, Slurpees are regular quality. Loses points for far-awayness. 4/11

University Village

University Village is the worst 7-Eleven. Always busy, smells funny, and very unclean. Wash your hands immediately after leaving. Floors are often covered in all manner of sticky Slurpee-juice, pop, or coffee that nobody has had time to clean up. I’ve walked in, turned around and walked out of this location so many times in the last four years. Slurpee machine never functions properly, lowest quality I’ve ever seen. They should sacrifice this store and reopen Nicol Street. -7/11