So, I do realize that we, as Canadians, already know this. Yes, our new PM is a sight for sore eyes. I mean, he always has been, but until news broke about Canada’s election to the rest of the world, no one else really cared.

Justin, or JT as I like to call him, is that really good guy you friend-zoned, then after one summer away at camp, JT returns for senior year a foot taller, grew chest hair, and POOF, everyone and their mom is talking about his pecs.

But you still remember him before he was popular, before People Magazine, The Mirror, Huffpost Canada, and Independent began gossiping. A quick Google search including the words “Trudeau”, “PM,” and “hot” now garners almost eight million hits. Media all over the world is rejoicing at this chance to exploit Canada’s “friend that’s a boy”, gathering photos comparing JT to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, a “grown-up Hogwarts student”, and even the statue of David carved from marble.

My mother, who has seen firsthand over the years the (albeit grey) likeness of our PM’s, is relieved that for the first time, our newly elected does not resemble her father, a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) of Ontario. No offence to you, grandpa, but there is something comforting and bright about a leader who still has all of his dark, lustrous locks. However, one can only assume how JT might age during his time in office, when you see comparison photos to Pierre Trudeau—his father.

I mean, when your dad is “The Canadian Newsmaker of the 20th Century”, there are certain expectations. When Pierre stepped onto the scene back in the 60s, the world was enthralled. Accentuated by the counterculture of the decade, the man at the PMO was the most eligible bachelor in the country. Then came Margaret Sinclair, flower-child to a former Liberal Party leader, and oh-so-perfect for Canada’s Pierre. Again, the media took this opportunity to showcase his family like royalty. Luckily for Margaret and Pierre, Twitter had yet to be hatched, and no one could start trending #Trudeaumania.

JT, like his dad, is a straight-shooter, confident, and openhearted, giving the public a lot to drink in. As websites scour for tweets about our PMILF (Prime Minister I’d like to f―), many Canadians are beginning to wonder if Pierre’s time in office, with JT only 12 years old, inspired the young Trudeau into the leader he will be.

Unfortunately for us, JT is happily married to (the prettiest) First Lady Sophie. Who you can’t deny is a catch, along with other wives before her. In case JT isn’t really your thing, we’ve also got a whole lot this issue on Chris Hadfield’s book and his recent visit to VIU.