By Managing Editor Molly Barrieau

Hi, my name is Molly. I am a klutz. Is that how it’s spelled? Anyway, unfortunately, my final editorial for The Navigator Newspaper ever, after four lovely years and 56 issues, is about my poor, sad laptop. 

In truth, my laptop now stands as a metaphor for how well life goes a month before you graduate from university. I thought, hey, pay a little for that portable one, and you’ll never have to leave it at home. Here I sit, my final week of classes looming over me, as I stare at a cracked, smashed and miraculously still-functioning screen. A sorry state of a laptop, that I am now too scared to unplug, or let sleep. 

It used to have a touch screen. It used to have a working power button. But then I had to go and carry too many nail polishes at once, across my tiled kitchen floor when, like the Titanic, she went down. 

“What happened?” My sister yells from her bedroom after I audibly scream. 

There she lay, screen lit, looking up at me as if to say “Why did you do that to me, mom?”

I really didn’t think my final addition to this paper’s fourth page would be so depressing. I knew that leaving the most important job of my life (to date) would be difficult. But to lose my companion, the screen I so longingly stared at in devastating writer’s block, might be harder. 

You can’t beat good timing. At the time of writing, I have only seven more actual days of class, two exams, and a few final projects between me and the finish line. While everyone is stereotypically tossing their cap in the air, I’ll just chuck my sad laptop. 

So, thank you, kind readers, for taking the time these past few years to check out our paper. I am so incredibly proud of my team, and I cannot wait to see where life takes each of them. Congrats to Cole Schisler, my eager and worthy successor. I look forward to seeing what you do as Managing Editor. And to Avery Crosson and Natalie Gates: Grad 2017 looks pretty good. 

And here’s to you, cruel world, I hope I’ve transferred everything onto my OneDrive.

Molly is a creative writing major with a modern languages minor, has a love for editing, publishing and linguistics. She is in her fifth and final year at VIU. She hopes to land a job in Montreal and open a poutine truck with her partner when she retires.