Curious about a counsellor’s perspective on your problems? VIU students are invited to submit questions about mental health and well-being for response in a new column in The Nav. Maybe you’re wondering how to build healthy habits, cultivate calm and confidence, better manage a stressful situation, cope with anxiety or depression, tackle a challenge in a relationship, or support a friend going through a hard time. On a biweekly basis, a VIU Counsellor will respond to one question for publishing in The Nav online and/or in print issues. Please submit questions to

The Ask a Counsellor column is not a way to request counselling services or to seek help for an emergency. The column is for educational purposes only and will share information about ways to improve well-being, cope with stressors and mental health concerns, and to thrive at VIU and beyond. The column also aims to encourage conversation about these topics in the VIU Community.
If you are in immediate danger or need emergency support, dial 911 (Ambulance, Fire, Police) and VIU Campus Security at 250-740-6600. Support is also available 24/7 through the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-494-3888.

If you would like to meet with a counsellor, please call 250-740-6416 from 8:30-3:45 pm or drop by the Health & Wellness Centre on the third floor of Building 200. We offer confidential appointments, crisis response, consultation for faculty and staff, workshops and groups, and other wellness events and resources. For more information about Counselling Services, see