features-iconBy contributor Shanon Fenske

Lobelia’s Lair in Nanaimo will once again sell egg-shaped stone crystals to anyone celebrating spring, fertility, and rebirth this Easter season.

Stone crystals in the shapes of eggs are sold year-round at Lobelia’s Lair in Nanaimo, says storeowner Liberty Harakas. They are especially popular during the spring, when people metaphorically—and literally—plant new seeds.

Fertility symbols such as the egg are recognized by many cultures around the world, especially during the weeks before and after spring equinox, Harakas says. Many different stones and colours are available, but the choice is personal. It depends on what type of energy people want to bring into their lives during this time of year, she says. Rose quartz crystals, which represent unconditional or eternal love, are the most popular, as well as Prehnite with its light green colour embodying new growth in the fresh shoots following the winter.

Lobelia’s Lair carries a large selection of stone eggs to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Lobelia’s Lair carries a large selection of stone
eggs to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Everyone from little children to senior citizens can enjoy the crystal eggs, Harakas says. Anyone who wants to celebrate new beginnings or honour the arrival of spring will appreciate their natural beauty. Large stones can cost as much as $200, but average stones range from $30 – $40.

Lobelia’s Lair has a hard time keeping fully stocked with crystal eggs year-round. In honour of spring, new stock is brought in to supply all types of customers and uses. Located in the Old City Quarter since 2001, Lobelia’s Lair is open seven days a week, and also sells books, tarot cards, yoga gear, incense, statues, and other items. You’ll find more information online at lobeliaslair.com.