The other day I tried to make chocolate pasta, now I’m not suggesting that every student should go out and get a pasta maker, but if you know someone with the means, try this if you’re looking to impress on V Day.

I found the recipe through the Food Network, Emeril Lagasse offered a simple, easy-to-follow ingredient list and how-to. It’s really simple, you only really need flour, egg and oil for a homemade pasta, and to spruce it up, cocoa and vanilla was added this time. 

Tip: take off any jewelry before mixing, this stuff hardens. 

The pasta, before being boiled.

The pasta, before being boiled.

While his recipe yielded two to four servings, it really made much more. Pictured above is merely half of the dough, with leftovers. Also, my kitchen helper Elissa and I decided that we could add water, when the dough wouldn’t pick up any more flour. Don’t worry if the dough gets tough, it will sit and chill and be much easier then. 

Believe them when they say to only boil for two minutes, fresh pasta cooks much faster than our dried variety at a grocery store.

If you’re going for chocolate, whipped cream really lifts the dish, like marinera to spaghetti. Fresh fruit adds colour to mask the odd worm-shaped brown pasta. The pasta tastes great, and is sure to wow your S.O. 

P.S. if you can’t be bothered, may we suggest ramen and hot chocolate for your romantic evening instead? 

From all of us here at The Navigator we hope you have a fun and safe Valentines Day.