The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump by Robert Sears

Sears takes Donald Trump’s tweets and transcripts and rearranges them into thoughtful and sensitive verse poems. This is a fun method of found poetry and I want to own a copy so very, very badly—everyone knows I want to own a copy!

2017-2018 Moleskine 18 Month Softcover Weekly XL Notebook Diary/Planner

This journal has changed my weekly planning game immensely. I love that it’s softcover so it lays flat while open on the table. Every week has a weekly calendar page on one side and a blank lined page on the other, which allows me to write appointments and such on the calendar while still giving me space to doodle and write various lists.

Pigma Micron PN pens

These suckers accompany my Moleskine planner at all times. With a stiff tip best suited to writing, they’re an improvement on regular Pigma Graphic pens for my personal use. I love the various colours they come in, and I personally use purple, pink, navy blue, black, and blue on a daily basis in my Moleskine.

A Wee Cupcakery cupcakes

I’ve been snacking on A Wee Cupcakery cupcakes since they opened many years ago, but I’ve recently discovered their vanilla cupcakes and my life is changed. I love venturing out and trying all their unique flavours like Rootbeer Float and French Toast, so I never really thought about trying vanilla but it is definitely worthy of as much attention as the other flavours.

Voluspa candles

Made from a blend of coconut and apricot wax, these candles solidify when cold but never fully harden which results in them releasing their scent 24/7. They also boast complex scents that make your house feel really fancy, even if it’s not. My favourite scents include Mokara, Blond Tabac, and Bourbon Vanille.

Indigo Northern Cable Scarf in Ivory

This is easily the best scarf I have ever owned. For around $40, I have a scarf that does triple duty as a hood when it’s raining or a shawl when I don’t feel like wearing a jacket. It’s a super long and wide, chunky cable knit with tassels on each end.

Cedar Sky Foods

A meal delivery service, based in Parksville, has absolutely saved my eating habits this semester and I look forward to continuing to order from them in the new year. Bonus: they’re allergy-friendly and provide full lists of ingredients for every dish they prepare!

Depression and Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim

A book that sets out to make friends with the reader, Depression and Other Magic Tricks seem like the perfect companion for a cold winter break.

The Golden Secrets of Lettering: Letter Design from First Sketch to Final Artwork by Martina Flor

This book is a comprehensive guide to learning every aspect of lettering design, and walks you through how to create your own lettering practice. This is definitely on my wishlist for Christmas.

Big Intruder by Jordan Klassen

This record is a triumphant new sound with a blend of styles from Klassen’s former albums. Each song is moody yet catchy like a pop song, and the album has exciting moments of experimentation with orchestral elements.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint

I read an article where a group of people of varying skin tones each tried this bright red liquid lipstick and the colour happened to look great on every single one of them. This lipstick is more proof that Rihanna is a magician and her Fenty Beauty line is the product of her craft.

Aldo Nydia boot in Black Print

As someone who appreciates shoes more than someone who must buy all the shoes, I can confirm that Aldo has some hot shoes this time of year. The Nydia ankle boot is among my favourites from the store, and it looks like your grandma’s old couch had a baby with a sparkly New Year’s Eve dress.