Neck Point photo courtesy of Larissa Burnett


         It’s not nice to gloat, especially not when our neighbours to the east are suffering under heaps of fresh Canadian snow. The forecast for reading break is optimistic, with clear skies and high temperatures of 10°. Therefore, this week, The Navigator wants to inspire our readers to get outside before spring actually comes, and with it: the rain.

            Swy-A-Lana Lagoon: or more commonly known as the waterfront, or Maffeo Sutton Park is perfect this time of the year. The grass is lush, the paths aren’t packed with tourists, and the fresh salt air is a perfect distraction from studying. Take a break and jump on the swings, grab a coffee and stroll with your dog, lover or self.

            Neck Point: another obvious choice, if you’ve never hiked Neck Point, you’re missing out on some beautiful rocky beaches and selfie-worthy scenery. Wear your old sneakers, and climb the hills whenever possible because the mountain goat life will give you a great perspective during the break.

            Westwood Lake Trail: Now, I’m not a “runner”, so jogging gracefully around the lake is not something you’ll find me doing this week. However, Nanaimo was blessed with this unreal forested area, only enhanced by the water. This could be a great option if you need somewhere to sweat, to gush about that guy to your best friend, or to quiet down, away from the city noise.

            Don’t let midterm-prep bring you down this week, we were gifted with clear and crisp days to savour and enjoy, so grab a windbreaker, some comfy shoes and a roll-up-the-rim coffee and get the heck outside.