Deep forest of velvety green
Dinosaur redwood.
Ancient, wise,
Silence, serenity,
Blissful, calm

Secret pathway
Sprinkled with golden leaves
Raindrops of sunlight
Bouncing playfully
Among tree boughs.

Smooth silken moss,
Damp under my feet.
Scrambling high
Tumbling low
Muted voices of long ago.

Spirit guides me.
Onward I go,
Descending to
Gems of dripping water
Glistening from rocks

Root ladders
Lead me down to
A secret place
Magical wonder,
few will ever see

Eyes slowly adjust,
Drinking in this vast echoing space
Intricate tapestries woven with roots
Glowing gems stones
Illuminated by light from a crackling fire.

Out of the shadows
In a smoky haze
A tall caped figure
Noble, full of grace.
A warrior’s spirit within my sight.

Hair long and flowing,
Angular face,
Waterfalls of wisdom,
Fiery emerald eyes
Glare from under his cape.

My feet firmly rooted
to warm red earth
Our eyes lock
A deep inner knowing shoots through
Our souls.

He takes my hand,
I know life
Will never be the same
Guiding me
Down by the crackling open flame,

Our lips
Our essence
Melts into
Crescendos of passion.

Bodies melding
In soft golden light
Deep burning passion slowly ignites
Undulating rhythmical,
Through the night.