Home to prickly pines and Douglas fir,
Hoh rain forest, a carpet of licorice fern.
Emerald beards coat every surface
over-grown facial hair or mask?

Timbers moistened by sulfur rain, exudes
rich cedar, ripe pine and old oak’s fragrance.
It was through wandering along over-grown paths,
I discovered:
A brook that gave birth to melodies of calming
harmony, freely flowing lyrics rising
from nature’s moving mirror.

A woodpecker pecks above
and the chips from the pine
blanket my shoulders; the sound echoes
from tree to tree.

I followed a muddy trail strewn with hoofprints
An opening to swelling tides of roaring blue, affirmed my
curiosity was true, a shore of boulders divides me from you
waves of indigo clashing with a black embankment of stone.
Now I’m home. Now I’m home.