Silent sleek ghost train

Slices through so much busyness;

Inside all is calm.

Tokyo Izakaya 

Tasty snacks sizzle,

Tipsy salarymen smile,

While Chet Baker sings.


Autumn colours blaze,

Streams burble, scent of pine wafts;

Perfect harmony.


Sacred peak reflects

In the smoothness of the lake;

Eternity looms.

Zen Garden

Lonely rocks stranded

In a sea of rippled sand;

Now mind chatter stills.


Swish of kimonos,

Through narrow cobblestone alleys;

Cherry blossoms bloom.

Shinjuku by Night

Teeming crosswalks surge,

Dazzled by pulsing neon;

A cacophony.

On a Beach in Okinawa

Sand squelches underfoot,

Hard rain hammers, wind deafens;

How alive we are!