Blake Deal
The Navigator

The Nanaimo City Council has adopted a 2014-2020 Cultural Plan for a Creative Nanaimo.

The council discussed the plan at their meeting on March 10. According to the council, the plan was developed by “the creative spirit of the people and organizations that have helped build, and will build, our city for the future.” 

Over 1,000 residents gave their input into this process, expressing their vision for a successful and culturally vibrant Nanaimo. The community developed a vision that “Nanaimo is a healthy, vibrant, and prosperous community that recognizes the importance of cultural vitality for quality of life and place.”

The hope is that implementing this plan will help to ensure future success as a city­ that residents are proud to call home, and that is truly a great place in which to live, work, visit, play, and invest.

According to a press release, the 2014-2020 Cultural Plan for a Creative Nanaimo “gives a comprehensive look at Nanaimo’s cultural and creative community and offers timely and important recommendations to enhance and develop it in the future.”

The plan outlines many goals, strategies, and recommendations in four key areas: strengthening the creative sector, the creative economy, connectivity, and cultural spaces and places.

With ongoing support and participation, the plan will provide strategic direction and a clear vision for advancing cultural opportunities.