A group of first and fourth year Tourism and Management students will be showcasing 10 different ethnicities with their traditional clothing on March 30 on Nanaimo’s campus in the Royal Arbutus room.Internationalfashionshow

            There will be 20 student models, both male and female representing clothing from 10 countries including: China, Japan, India, Morocco, Columbia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Canada.

            Mary Mitchell, the first year student hosting the event, with three other Tourism students, says, “Everyone is welcome to come in their own traditional clothing.”

            Brent O’Brien, the fourth year student planning the event with the first year group, said the event is for “the younger generation, they can really feel that ‘I can do whatever I want here, this is my space’, for me that is an important part of the process.” 

            The fashion show will be at 5 pm on March 30 in the Royal Arbutus room above the cafeteria, the entrance fee is $1. Refreshments will be provided by the event’s sponsors: Thrifty Foods, SETO Sushi, Kim’s Korean BBQ House and Da Tang Restaurant.