newsEntering the month of January, we find ourselves right in the middle of flu season.

London Drugs Pharmacist Chris Wiebe said the biggest thing people need to remember during this time is the difference between the flu and a cold.

“A flu comes with a fever whereas a cold doesn’t. The rest of the symptoms are the same, but you can usually tell if you have the flu.”

Wiebe said there are some key things you can do to prevent getting the flu.

“The main things to do during flu season is wash your hands, take lots of vitamin c, avoid rubbing your face as your hands will spread viruses, don’t share utensils or food, stay hydrated, and get vaccinated.”

He also said staying fit can help. “It helps build up your immune system.”

Flu season begins in October and lasts until the end of March or early April, usually coinciding with the cold temperatures.

“Anyone can get vaccinated at any pharmacy now,” said Wiebe.

He said it is important to get a flu vaccine early in the season, but getting one now would still be beneficial.

Wiebe said when it comes to having the flu, the best things to do are the “same old trusty things” we have always done.

“If you have the flu, the best thing to do is stay home, get rest, and avoid people. The flu is an airborne disease that is easy to spread.”

It can take up to two weeks for symptoms to appear, warned Wiebe.

“Crackers and chicken noodle soup are still the best recovery foods. Also, Tylenol is good to help with the fever and muscle aches that come alongside the flu.”