By Sports Editor Cole Schisler

CareerVIU is an online job-listing site geared towards VIU students, alumni and faculty with a range of job opportunities both part-time and full-time, on campus, in the community, across the country and all over the world.

With an average of 100-200 opportunities available—74 available right now—and over 1800 employers with active accounts, CareerVIU is one of best career-building resources available to VIU students.

“Working on campus allows my work schedule to be coordinated with my course schedule,” says Jaime Stephens, “which alleviates a lot of stress.” Stephens, who is finishing a BA in Anthropology, found her Work- Op position with Disability Services through CareerVIU.

The website, accessed with your student record log-in, also has an events calendar where students, faculty, and employers can post about personal and professional development events happening on campus, in the community and beyond at no cost.

Before you apply, Career Development Specialists are available through the site to help students in career planning, building career skills, crafting resumes, and cover letters, and applying for jobs.

Despite the fact that CareerVIU offers an abundance of opportunities and resources that are only growing, many students are unaware of the site.

“We often hear that students didn’t even know that CareerVIU existed,” says Tawna Hoff of the MBA Internship Program.

From Teaching English in Japan to volunteering right here in Nanaimo, seeking out opportunities is much easier with all of the listings directed at students. Follow @CareerVIU on Twitter for job updates and events, and check out the listings at