Tuesday March 3, VIU is providing students with an opportunity to meet and hear two Canadian authors and their works.

            At 11 am in building 345, room 103, Shelley Leedahl and Michael Kenyon will be the last two writers in the Writers on Campus series. If you can make it, the authors will be reading from their works, and answering your questions.

            Shelley Leedahl is new to the Island, moving to Ladysmith in 2014.  Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Leedahl’s recent collection of essays I Wasn’t Always Like This is giving her the chance to share her essays with new audiences.

            “I am slowly building a new audience of readers,” Leedahl said.

            Leedahl said she enjoys “accepting a variety of presentation opportunities,” like the presentation at VIU, because it allows the audience to “experience two different voices.”

            Michael Kenyon, the second author visiting Tuesday has over fifteen books of poetry and fiction. According to VIU, Kenyon lives and works on Pender Island as a freelance editor and therapist. In the fall, Kenyon had two books published Astatine and Parallel Rivers.

            A presentation like the Writer on Campus series is great not only for the students and professors to meet local talent, but Leedahl said she enjoys meeting other authors to hear their work, and is “always impressed” by Kenyon’s multi-genre writing.