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The Nanaimo Daily News came under fire for another racially charged letter to the editor. The letter, written by Bill McRitchie, accuses first nations of “refusing to evolve as equal Canadian citizens and perpetuating the perceived notion that they remain under the heel of non-aboriginals.” Despite the Daily News removing the letter quite quickly, due to social media, it spread to many people and has been saved to multiple sites. Facebook and Twitter erupted with angry tweets, most wondering why the paper published this letter the response they received last time. The Nanaimo Daily News published a letter in March of 2013, titled “Educate First Nations to be modern citizens,” which sparked protests and much pressure to apologize from the community and the mayor.

Lauren DH
@roseneath_rd 23 Sep
The Nanaimo Daily News continues its time honoured tradition of publishing offensive letters to the editor
Adrian Unger
@staydecent 23 Sep
It is sickening to know that people think like this: …
Reba DeGuevara
@rebadeguevara 23 Sep
I dont know what is more troubling, Bill McRitchies outright ignorance, or the Nanaimo Daily News 4 promoting racism