Left to right: Caleb Rosenthal, Sebastian Barkovic, Avery Bonner


VIU’s first ever political studies club has been founded as the VIU Political Society.

Until now, students of this department have not had an organized peer group they could confront about their post-graduation concerns. The VIU Political Society aims to improve that.

The initiative of the Society is to be a resource where students can network to find things such as work opportunities, volunteer experiences, contacts, and ideas for post-graduation, public relations manager Sebastian Barkovic said.

“Then, it can also be a social hub where we discuss rallies, news, and resolve questions about politics at VIU,” said Barkovic.

Along with Barkovic, the society has two other directors: Avery Bonner as the current chair of the group, and Caleb Rosenthal as the secretary-treasurer. All three are political studies majors with various connections throughout the community, and they encourage other students to come share and input their own connections.

“For example, if you want a job with a local MP or to get in contact with counsellors or businessmen, we can help you work on that,” Barkovic said. “Connections are key.”

Other opportunities will include seminars by local politicians about their personal career experiences, work-ops through the Campus Career Centre, professor relations, and openings with groups such as Volunteer Nanaimo. The society will aim to get these opportunities out to all interested political studies students at VIU.

“We would like to make pamphlets or binders we can give to everyone with lists of resources, contacts, etc.,” Rosenthal said.

By September, the directors want to apply to be a course union, which will require 30 paid members, Rosenthal said.

The VIU Political Society is also open to students of similar disciplines, such as Global Studies, and will be discussing the possibility of working with the VIU Criminology department. Connections with VIU’s Model United Nations Club are also being made.

Meetings are set to be on Tuesdays at 4 pm in bldg 356. A specific room has not yet been booked but will be available soon.

You can email Barkovic if you would like to be on the email list which will provide updates on location, as well as newsletters about the Society in general.