A series of planned elevator outages will occur at VIU’s Nanaimo and Cowichan campuses in the upcoming weeks. 

In compliance with a required five year maintenance plan, the outages will occur on both the Cowichan and Nanaimo Campuses of VIU. Each targeted elevator will be out of service for the entire day; from 7:30 am–5:00 pm. The upcoming planned outages are as follows:

On Wednesday, November 27, the elevator located in the Centre for Sturgeon Studies (Bldg. 395) at the Nanaimo Campus, will be out of service.

The elevator located on the Cowichan Campus in Building 700 will be out of service on Thursday, November 28.

On Friday, November 29, on the Nanaimo Campus, the elevator located in the Faculty of Management, in Building 250, will be out of service. 

Students have been asked to notify their instructors if these outages will impact their attendance. Additionally, instructors have been asked to reschedule any significant events or classes, if possible, in response to these outages. 

Moreover, VIU is working through Cyberimpact, a Canada-based email management software compliant with Canadian legislation and VIU policy, to create a notification system for students who use the elevators, to inform them when elevators are not in service. To ensure that only those who want to be are updated on future elevator notices, VIU is going through Cyberimpact, rather than emailing everyone from University Relations. 

The notification system in the works will only give updates with regards to elevator outages and other access-specific obstacles due to construction or unforeseen events. In the future, people will be able to access these services through the Disability Access Services VIU webpage.

As of now, however, all students attending the Cowichan and Nanaimo Campuses will receive an email from Cyberimpact with a subject line reading “VIU Elevator Notifications – Opt-In.” If students do not want to receive further updates, no action is necessary. If students are interested in future updates, they can follow the instructions of within the email.