The VIUSU is holding an event tomorrow, February 19; to demonstrate the marriage many students are signed into when it comes to their debt, at the Malaspina Theatre at 11:30 am.

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            “Students and their families are feeling the squeeze of high tuition fees and student loan debt,” said Alec Patterson, Director of External Relations of the VIU Students’ Union. “At the same time, institutions are under pressure to provide high quality education with inadequate government funding.”

            The event, set in between voting period for the VIUSU election, will provide a chance for students to learn about the lack of government funding, and the doubling of tuition fees since 2001.

            According to the VIUSU, in 2004 the provincial student grants program was eliminated, resulting in BC students graduating with the highest levels of student debt in the country.

            BC students are suffering with a huge debt, and we sign into these loans to help our education, and the debt is then sitting on ringsour shoulders until we graduate. Unfortunately, we cannot divorce our debt like a marriage, and must work for years to pay it off.

            For those interested, there will be a reception following the wedding. Join VIUSU for this unromantic affair, and celebrate the bind we are all tied to.