By Jeff Sieniewicz

Oh, slick trick,
easy as feigned sympathy,
others will never see.
Friend and foe, you’ll lick.
You and truth never collide.
Twist here,
schisms cleft clear.
Crack the oyster wide.
Each desire,
every dream true.
What’s the due?
Merely turn liar.
Make many mighty claim,
spew hubris over sanctimony.
Hide void and insecurity,
need of noble fame.
Favours to curry,
fearless of sin,
you exchange fact for fiction,
yet overlook the fee.
Register anger, then regret.
Click of ambiguity,
doses of dishonesty.
Those wheels in motion? You set.
Forever lack soul.
Truth’s dexterity, you’ll never perceive,
another gaze’s clarity.
Fate delivers only coal.
Without purity or clue,
vicious vision,
target of your deception,
no longer us. It’s you.