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Hey ChatGPT, can you tell me what this issue is about? With just a few weeks left in the semester, our circuitry is fried, so we’re letting the robots take over. Cue the widespread panic and destruction. Just kidding. How ‘bout some fun content instead? In the last issue of Volume 55, we bring you Alexa, AI fashion tips, and the future of storytelling—and that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg.

The Navigator logo over a circuit board like design, all in shades of blue.

Volume 55          |          March 2024        |          Issue 06

What’s New…

A stack of pretty notebooks

What’s Write for You

If it isn’t perfect, is it worthwhile creating? Nav alum Isabella Ranallo shares her experience entering VIU’s Creative Writing program wide-eyed...
Photo by Justinas Teselis on Unsplash

Shifting Gears

I could feel the time ticking by, faster and faster until there wasn’t any left. More people departed, shedding tears as they lingered in goodbye...

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