The end of October brings up a lot of pulse-increasing events: mid-semester grades, mid-terms, projects, presentations, and (last but not least) social obligations. I’m referring to, as I’m sure you could guess, Halloween. So much to do, so little time to organize!

Well, take a load off. Consider me your personal secretary because I planned out a full week of VIU campus shenanigans for you and your friends: 

Monday, October 28:

You’re going to want to figure out a costume if you haven’t already. I would recommend staying away from anything offensive. (I’m looking at you, Frank the Flasher.) We’re educated students, so I have some trust in you lot to figure out what is and what is definitely not okay.  Last year, I’ll boldly say it was my most ingenious costumes ever, I dressed as a “fork in the road.” Taped a yellow line and dotted white line onto a black shirt, and tied a fork to a piece of string and voila. So bust out that creativity I know you have in you.

As well, hydrate.

Tuesday, October 29:

If you totally disregarded my earlier note to get your costume sorted out, then here’s your hail mary. Head on down to VIU’s Cowichan campus (room 220) from 2 pm-5:30 pm for a free costume-making workshop. But I swear, if you don’t have it figured out after today, then don’t bother with the rest of the week.

After this, follow all speed laws and head on back to VIU Nanaimo Campus! Go on over to Building 255, 1st floor The Culture Couch, if you didn’t know, is every Tuesday from 5 pm-6 pm. I recommend adding this event to your weekly calendar. But today specifically, your host will Celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. Not everything on this list is Americanized horror-drama. It’s good to know what’s out there in the world.

Wednesday, October 30:

Time for a nutrition break! The Satyr Players Theatre Club is having a bake sale. Nothing is more autumnal than a bake sale. Pop into the Upper Caf between 10 am and 3 pm today, and the Rocky Horror-themed treats will be yours for the taking.

Thursday, October 31:

Okay! If you didn’t expect today to be the longest day ever, then I’m not sure if you understand Halloween. Here’s a break down of your day.

Pumpkin Carving and Ghost Stories

Nothing to get you in the festive spirit like the guts of a pumpkin clinging wet and lumpy to your hands. If you need some pumpkin-carving inspo, I’d say check out the October issue of the Nav. On the cover, you’ll see the sweet, sweet Goop created by our very own Art Director, Sara Holmes. Isn’t he just a sweety? And be careful with those knives!

You’re going to head to building 255, to the first-floor lobby. Yes, you were here yesterday for the Cultural Couch series. Today, take a seat with the Cultural Connections team and get ready to be scared out of your pants. If you didn’t know, VIU is haunted.

If ghost stories are a bit too spooky for you, I get it. (Just don’t quite get why you’re doing Halloween.) You can skip the frights by stopping in at the Upper Cafeteria to pumpkin carve there. They’ll have live music and Starbucks samples if that’s more your tune.

Boos Bash, VIUSU Pub, 9:00pm-1:00am

I hate to tell you this, but we’re now way too old to be trick-or-treating. Instead, you’re going to want to head over to the pub for a blacklight edition party. Yes, you read that right. Black. Light. That means slather yourself in highlighter, my friends. Things are about to get freaky.

Honestly, what’s not to love about this party? The SU Pub has a stellar reputation for hosting the best nights. And they’re taking it up a notch. Did I mention there’ll be blacklight? Now, I don’t suggest you use your highlighters on your skin like we used to do — best to save those markers for the school work you’ll eventually have to get back to. Instead, your hosts have very generously provided you with a professional face painter. And two awesome music-men: DJ AP and DJ All Good. Yay, catchy beats and non-toxic paint. 

I’ve done some digging, as any well-informed secretary should, and happen to have the inside scoop on the pub’s Halloween-inspired drink and snacks. Nothing excites me like a good snack. I’ll just tease you: think themed cocktail,(hint: remember the lights?) and green hummus, Frankenstein style.

Oh, remember to bring ten bucks if you didn’t buy your tickets in advance. It’s the price you have to pay to get into the darkest party in town. (Seriously, how will anyone see?) 

Friday, November 1:

I know what you’re thinking: but, Caileigh, Halloween is over, can’t I go home now?

Well, there’s just one more thing you’ve gotta do. I promise it’s a good one. The cream of the crop. The pièce de résistance. 

On November 1,  VIUSU and the Mariners are collaboratively hosting the basketball home opener tailgate party. So, wipe that paint off your face, grab a few z’s, and find your Mariner pride! The women’s basketball game starts at 6 pm, and the men’s game starts at 8 pm, but there’s a lot to do beforehand!

Starting at 4 pm: Face painting! Just in case you can’t get enough of that first wet, itchy face painting (or maybe you missed out on the pub’s event), you can get your cheeks rosied up in Mariner blue and white.

Mini-Games! Hosted by some of VIU’s amazing clubs, the mini-games are sure to get you in the competitive spirit. Nothing like crushing your friends at a round of sack toss to get you rilled up.

The pub will have extended hours, just in case you didn’t get your fill, and drink specials.

Oh, and VIUSU is providing free hot dogs, pop, popcorn (got your attention now, didn’t we?).

Saturday, November 2:

There’s no doubt that at this point you’re exhausted, emotionally, mentally, and physically. So, heat up a nice mug of hot water, pop in a slice of lemon or a squirt of lemon juice, a light dusting of cinnamon, and a spoon full of honey. (This is my personal go-to my-insides-feel-funny remedy but if hot cocoa or chai tea is more up your alley, that’ll work too.) Eat an apple, not a caramel covered one, a doctor-certified Spartan. Set up your desk for a light period of homework—just remember to intermittently scroll Pinterest for Christmas crafts, and watch a youtube video or two. The idea today is to take a well-deserved breather. When you’re ready to hit the books again, we at The Nav have provided you with a little guide to getting out of a slump. Because that’s what you’re in now, a slump.