Above: Omtown Yoga studio. Photo by Cole Schisler.

By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

Located downtown at 43 Commercial St., OmTown Yoga offers classes in a variety of yoga styles every day of the week.

“Every week instructors have a set schedule,” said Katherine Boere, manager of OmTown. “Our weekly schedule is usually pretty consistent; it doesn’t change that much month-to-month. Every month we have special events and workshops where we bring in instructors from town or other places on Vancouver Island, and occasionally other places in Canada.”

OmTown has an emphasis on community and strive to create a connection between people in Nanaimo. They are involved with charitable organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and they host by donation yoga classes every Thursday 7:15 – 8:15 pm, where all donations are put toward local charities.

Regular drop-in fees are $18.90 and $15.75 after tax for students. A two-month unlimited membership is $108 and a student semester pass for four months unlimited is $250. Students also receive 10 percent off on all the passes.

“A membership pass allows you to try out all the different instructors, all the different classes to see what works for your schedule, and also get to really feel in your body what a consistent yoga and meditation practice can feel like,” Boere said.

Boere says that yoga is an excellent tool for students to keep themselves grounded, and combat stress during the school year. She encourages everyone to come down to OmTown and experience the “amazingly funny and welcoming community.”

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