Blueberry watermelon strawberry smoothie

Blueberry watermelon strawberry smoothie

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions and peak fruit season don’t really match up. Therefore, those looking to add some brightness to their breakfast could be only left with in-season winter apples and squash. Here are some tips that I use to ensure I’m packing my smoothies with long-lasting, all-day-in-the-library nutrients.

  1.  Freeze your spinach and berries: These two are my favourite to add to a smoothie, and they both freeze really well. Lay any berry in one even layer on a tray (they won’t get mushy this way), freeze level, in a few hours; pour the frozen berries into a plastic bag. The spinach can freeze in the bag, the leaves will stick together, but that only makes grabbing a bunch easier.  (TIP: get your berries in the summer, freeze for year-round flavour).
  2. Don’t add ice: The frozen berries/fruit will be the ice, without watering down your smoothie!
  3. Add a protein (avoid chia seeds): Now, I’m not saying to lose chia completely, it’s much better in pudding recipes or water, but when added to smoothies, it congeals quickly and sinks to the bottom, creating hard-to-drink chunks. Instead, try hemp seeds, your favourite protein powder or Greek yogurt to keep you going during the day.

Frozen blueberries


Let’s hope with these simple tricks, smoothies can become a healthy addition to your busy student life. That way, you can eat that ramen when the fridge is empty, sans guilt.


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