A vegan omelet doesn’t sound possible—but think again. Chickpea flour mixed with water creates a base that tastes surprisingly good, and is high in protein. It won’t taste exactly like the omelets you remember— nor will it have the same texture—but it’s a very tasty substitution.

Basic Ingredients

½ cup chickpea flour

½  cup water

¼  tsp salt* or to taste


Optional Add-ins

sauteed onions

sauteed mushrooms


pickled banana peppers



daiya cheese or other vegan cheese

nutritional yeast


or whatever else you want


Mix together chickpea flour, water, and salt, and whatever add-ins you want. Heat a greased frying pan to medium and spoon the mixture into the pan. If your frying pan is small, you may need to cook multiple batches. Cook the omelet for about 1-2 minutes, then flip and cook again for the same time. Make sure the centre is cooked, as raw chickpea flour does not taste good.

Eat with ketchup or other topping, or serve plain.

*for an eggier taste, try kala namak, a.k.a Indian black salt. It’s a salt with a strong sulphuric taste, which some people find gives their dishes a distinct ‘egg’ flavour. It can be purchased in the international sections of some general grocery stores, or at stores that sell East Indian food products.