By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

The Mariners began the basketball season in style, winning both games over island rivals, the Camosun Chargers.

The women’s team faced off first against the Chargers. Both teams played strong right out of the gate. While the Chargers put up stiff opposition, the Mariners ended the first quarter with a lead of 18—13. Things heated up in the second as the Chargers began to close the scoring gap. Big performances by Mariners Celina Guadagni, Emily Clark, and Victoria Brown, led the Mariners into a 27—27 tie at the half.

Throughout the third quarter, the Mariners moved the ball well. They passed smoothly, and capitalize on nearly every rebound. The Chargers had trouble finding their footing early in the quarter, but kept themselves in the game with the Mariners, who led 43—37 at the end of the quarter. The Mariners continued to lead in the fourth, extending their lead early on to 47—39. While the Mariners had little trouble keeping the ball on Camosun’s side of the court, they missed a few scoring opportunities, which allowed Camosun to catch up late in the fourth. The game ended with a 53—51 Mariners victory.

The men’s team faced a sharp Chargers team in the first quarter. The Chargers were scoring early and often, but the Mariners used their speed and drive to turn rebounds into points quickly, closing the gap with Camosun 8—10 with six minutes left in the first quarter. Just as quickly as they caught up, they  fell behind. Camosun found its stride with a hot streak and finished the quarter 23—19

The Mariners continued to build on what they did well, and corrected what needed work in the second. The offense scored a series of baskets while the defense prevented the Chargers from extending their lead. By the first time out, the Mariners were within a point of the Chargers, who led 29—28. At the second timeout, the teams were tied at 31, and closed out the half tied 40 a piece.

In the third, the Mariners got off to a good start, taking an early 5-point lead over the Chargers, and led 49—40 at the first timeout thanks in part to an impressive 3-pointer from the corner by Mariners forward Zaid Usama. The Mariners kept their lead throughout the third and finished with a score of 62—52.

The Mariners ran away with the lead early in the fourth, bursting to a 74—55 lead following a half court breakaway by Mariners point guard Nick Xylinas. The Mariners got a comfortable 84—68 lead before allowing the Chargers to tack on a couple more points. The Mariners put the game away with a 89—77 victory over the Chargers.

Be sure to catch the Mariners next weekend as they take on the Douglas Royals, Friday November 4 starting at 6 pm, and the Capilano Blues, Saturday Nov 5 starting at 1 pm.

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