Above: Colleen Haddad. Photo by TJ Heath

When we hear about sports, what typically comes to mind are the big names: The Mariners, the VI Raiders, the Buccaneers. But what about the average university player? Though they may not play within the big leagues, university intramural athletes play with as much ferocity and competitiveness as their counterparts, though it may be for pleasure-—friendly play without the pressure of tournaments and having to travel for their sport.

Intramural volleyball player Colleen Haddad is one of them.

On her way to completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Haddad has played volleyball since elementary school.

Having joined intramurals in 2013 after seeing an ad on the VIU website, Haddad has had the opportunity to continue with a sport that she loves without too much of commitment.

“By playing intramurals, I’m still able to play the sport and complete my studies as well as work,” said Haddad.

Not only is it a fun and relaxing environment,but it’s also a perfect place to meet new people.

“Everyone is super kind and welcoming,” said Haddad. “It’s a lot of fun playing with people who are equally as excited about the sport.”

“I’ve always lived off campus, and for the last two years I was in the same class with the same people, so I wasn’t able to meet people doing different degrees. By joining volleyball, I was able to open up my friend circle.”

For those unsure if intramural sports are right for you, do not worry.

“I think it’s for everyone because there are different pools of competitiveness,” said Haddad. “There is Pool A, which is usually where the really good and competitive players are,and there is also Pools E and F for people who are new to volleyball.”

Anyone can register as a team or join an individual team where players likely won’t know each other at the beginning of each semester. Intramurals on campus are accessible to the public as well as students. Though registration is free, the use of the gym requires a small fee of $25 for students, $35 for faculty members and $50 for members of the community. If you’re looking for a low-key environment to have fun and stay active, please visit the Campus Rec webpage for more information.