Above: Chantal Cumming and Emily Munro jump to block Camosun. By Northfield Photography.

By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

On Friday October 21, the VIU Mariners hosted the Camosun Chargers for the first of two Island rivalry volleyball matches.

The Mariners burst off to an early lead, up 6—0 when the Chargers took their first timeout. The Chargers rallied back after their timeout, coming within two points of the Mariners’ 12–10 lead. With an ace from Mariners power forward Andrea Cankovic, the Mariners took the first set 25—16.

In the second set, the Mariners continued to lead. At the first timeout, the Mariners led 9—5 over the Chargers. The Mariners maintained their lead throughout the second set, ultimately taking the set 25—19 over the Chargers.

The Chargers put up a strong performance in the third set, trading long rallies with the Mariners, and making them fight for every point. Despite the Chargers’ efforts, the Mariners lead was never in doubt. The Mariners took the third set 25—13 in three straight sets.

Mariners right side power forward Mikayla Wagner had a great offensive performance with four digs, 10 kills, four blocks and two aces for a combined total of 12 points. Alongside Wagner, power forward Megan Rosenlund had seven digs, 11 kills and one ace for a combined total of 12 points.

Mikayla Wagner sends a volley over the net. By Northfield Photography.

Mikayla Wagner sends a volley over the net. By Northfield Photography.

On Saturday October 22, the Mariners traveled to Camosun College for their second game against the Chargers.

The Chargers came out looking like a different team. The first set was a close fought battle. Near the end of the set, the teams were tied 22—22, however the Chargers took the first set 25—22.

The battle continued in the second set. At the first timeout, the Chargers led the Mariners 10—9. As the teams traded rallies, and the lead, neither of them could find a substantial lead over the other. The two were tied 23—23 before the Mariners took the set 27—25.

In the third set, the Chargers took the set decisively. Though the Mariners fought hard to stay in the set, the Chargers took it 25–19. In the fourth, the Mariners rebounded, taking the set 25–15. The match came down a fifth set, which the Chargers won 15–12, taking the match 3–2 against the Mariners.

Mikayla Wagner had an impressive performance for the Mariners again on Sunday with 14 digs, 18 kills and 3 blocks for 21 total points. Mariners power forward Andrea Cankovic also had an impressive match with 10 digs, 15 kills and two blocks for a total of 17 points.

The Mariners next match is at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford on November 4 agaisnt the CBC Bearcats.

The Mariners in their pregame chant. By Northfield Photography.

The Mariners in their pregame chant. By Northfield Photography.

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