Denisa Kraus
The Navigator

In case anyone is still oblivious to the eagerly awaited return of Breaking Bad onto the small screen – turn on your TV before it’s too late. With the second half of season five having premiered on August 11, the addictive and explosive narco-western from AMC’s high end production is heading to its imminent end.

Sadly, we only have four out of eight episodes left to witness the tense family showdown, gang wars neatly fought out in the New Mexico wilderness, and the transformation of key characters, namely the emergence of Mrs. Heisenberg, making Skylar White suddenly likable, and Jesse’s turning into a theatrically loose screw as he begins to grasp his role in the Heisenberg puppet show.

The series’ mastermind, executive producer Vince Gilligan and his top-class crew continue to deliver an intelligent narrative, captivating visuals, and memorable support characters, immediately gaining cult status in the fan base. Tasteful cliffhangers in almost every episode spark passionate online debates and predictions on what deal two arch enemies will make against Walter White, whether it is Lydia’s turn to become the kingpin, and who will be sent to Belize.

Breaking Bad, with episode nine having attracted 5.9 million viewers in the US , proves that television culture is nowhere near a decline.

Breaking Bad airs every Sunday at 9pm on AMC.