By Arts Editor Cheryl Folland

????  Cheryl Folland

???? Cheryl Folland

Opened on February 1, 2016, The Nanaimo Bar has been steadily gaining popularity. Speaking with hostess and bartender Lauren, proved that TVs, pool tables, and Keno aren’t necessary to fill the doors. The Nanaimo Bar is sweet, simply because it feels like home.

Located next to Pirate Chips at 2-75 Front St., with local beer on tap, and friendly, welcoming staff who greet patrons with hugs and handshakes, it is quickly becoming a sought after venue.

“We haven’t stopped since we opened,” Lauren said, “I absolutely love it here. Sonia hired me with no experience and I learned everything from her.”

Sonia, The Nanaimo Bar’s owner, is the heart and soul of the place. Watching her in action, she serves every customer with a personal touch. Innovative and simplistic, her chosen style of decor matches her entrepreneurial vision.

The Nanaimo Bar just released an app for Apple and Android devices. On it, patrons can stay up to date with the week’s schedule, find out the story behind the Bar’s cocktail names, and even peruse take out menus. Though the bar doesn’t offer a kitchen service, guests are encouraged to order food and bring it in.

For local bands and artists, Monday nights at 9 pm are slotted for weekly open mic and jam sessions. Performances vary from week to week and can be found on the app or their Facebook page. If you’re over 19 and haven’t been here yet, consider adding it to your next night out.