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By Emily Hingston

This article contains spoilers.

I had seen no trailers and managed to avoid the plethora of spoilers on Facebook and other social media. I am a Marvel fan but I went into this movie knowing nothing. I went in completely blind.

Logan is set in the year 2029. Mutants are all but extinct, except a few that are in hiding. James Howlett (Logan/Wolverine) is a limo driver. He uses his money to help buy medication for Professor Xavier, who he has isolated in Mexico. As Xavier’s health deteriorates, his mind goes into seizures, debilitating all those that are nearby.

A woman contacts Logan to hire his car. She has a young girl (Laura) with her, and is running away from an evil company that is genetically creating mutants. Laura is a mutant (known as X-23). There is a safe place in Canada, called Eden, they’re trying to get to, and they hire Logan for transportation. Logan eventually accepts, but needs to deal with Xavier before they can leave. When Logan gets back to the hotel where the woman and Laura are, he finds the woman dead and Laura is nowhere to be found. He drives back to Mexico to see Xavier, and is followed by The Reavers (a cybernetically-enhanced security force). That is where the adventure begins.

I thoroughly enjoyed Logan. It was more violent than I was expecting, compared to some of the older X-Men movies.  This helped enforce the level of danger in this mission. Seeing Logan weak from adamantium poisoning was hard to watch, but as always, Hugh Jackman had a compelling performance. The main cast was highly talented, it’s hard to find a fault. Patrick Stewart was outstanding. Showing the deterioration of Charles, but remaining the voice of wisdom. Dafne Keen was great as Laura (x-23). This was her first film role and she rocked it. She played a vulnerable, yet kick ass young woman. The chemistry between Hugh and Dafne was great. Logan took to his newfound fatherhood reluctantly, but you could tell he still cared for her.

With twists able to move me to tears and action to keep my attention, this was by far one of my favourite Marvel films.

The one thing that I found frustrating was Spanish spoken in some scenes, without the aid of subtitles. It’s a fairly minor thing, and didn’t really affect the film’s overall success. I desired an explanation about how the Reavers came to be. 

Overall, I highly recommend this film to any fan of the Marvel/X-Men universe.