Gisèle Merlet is a French Canadian VIU student working towards a minor in Crew and a minor in English. In 2005, she graduated with an undergrad degree in Liberal Arts Studies. As a senior student, she enjoys reading, writing, walking, and being part of the social life on VIU Campus.


Mulegé, Mexico is where she was born. Gloria was her mother, her father: unknown. Our friends, the Sanchez, welcomed her into their home, but only for a while. She was to be given away, adopted.

Who would take care of her properly? I wondered. She was so small, so vulnerable. Her dark hair and sparkling eyes caught my attention the first moment I saw her. She stole my heart. She was seven months old.

Although Jean, at home, was still a bit hesitant, I quickly started the adoption procedures. She courageously endured the required injections and obtained a clean bill of health. We could travel. Customs papers secured, flights arranged, we finally boarded a flight to Vancouver via Los Angeles. I was her mother now.

Her entry into Canada went smoothly. The lethargic border official hardly checked her papers. He did not even look at her—she was sleeping. Welcome to Canada!

Jean fell in love with her the moment he saw her. We named her Lita, from the Spanish word regalita: small gift.

Lita has developed a friendly, engaging, playful, and reliable personality. Already at her daycare, she was a star. Her favorite activities are walking and playing with a ball. She is obedient, responds quickly to any demand we make on her, and, most importantly, she has acquired an uncanny ability to make sure that Jean and I are safe by watching over us. We congratulate ourselves every day on adopting her.

But all is not perfect. Like any teenager, she’s a bit of a rebel. Now, she is much less docile, a lot more independent. Her social life comes first. She doesn’t put up with much–quite the princess! But, no matter, we still love our chihuahua.