Gisèle Merlet is a French Canadian VIU student working towards a minor in CREW and a minor in English. In 2005, she graduated with an undergrad degree in Liberal Arts Studies. As a senior student, she enjoys reading, writing, walking, and being part of the social life on VIU’s Nanaimo Campus. 

Hyla the Rainette

Beside a scrambling emerald ivy
Adjacent to a pool of fresh rain water
A dome of crimson begonias
Enhances the chosen croft where
Dwells Hyla the Rainette

Sunny afternoons radiate heat
Anticipated twilight bestow victuals
Starry nights grant protection
Springtime supplies tender promises while
Reposes Hyla the Rainette

Green softness painted with golden, russet designs
Incandescent, yellow, bulging eyes
Lambent tongue rifling preys
Sticky web toe-pads under white belly
Define Hyla the Rainette

Agility, strength, determination convey
In unexpected aloud musicality
A minuscule being declares unrelenting love
To another verdant analogous entity
Hyla the Rainette croons
Croak . . . Croak . . . Croak . . .