The Navigator is turning 50 next year. That’s right, 50, the big five-oh. We’ll be an official quinquagenariansay that five times fast.

We’ve been shaking things up at the Nav. As Spenser notes, we’ve made some changes to our format and content that we hope you’ve all been enjoying. If you liked us this year, you’re going to love next year. I can’t say what we’re planning yet, but I can tell you to keep an eye on our social media pages for big announcements leading up to our 50th anniversary volume in September.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed their work to the magazine this year. Whether fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, features, op-eds, art, or photography, our contributors have consistently contributed quality work that makes the Nav special. Our goal is to provide publishing opportunities to the VIU community, and we invite the entire communitystudents, faculty, alumni, and staffto join us in celebration of our 50th.

I’ve been at VIU for three years. Next year will be my fourth, and likely my last. That being said, my knowledge of VIU is relatively small compared to some individuals on campus who have been with the institution for decades. We want to hear your stories. I hope that all members of the VIU community, both new and old, will share even more of their experiences with us next year.

The Navigator is turning 50. Get ready to par-tay.