A lot has changed here since 1969. We no longer, literally, copy and paste our articles to the page, but now completely share each issue free online..

This year, I am truly lucky to have a masthead to rival any of our competition—15 multi-talented students devoted to gathering the type of news that affects all of Nanaimo and especially VIU students.

The way The Navigator works, changing up its staff, unfortunately, affects the kind of style and content that you see annually. As this year’s Managing Editor who has seen this paper change so much in the last two years, my challenge is bittersweet—how do we hold on to the familiarity of holding a newspaper in your hands while also gathering and sharing information to a wider, more convenience-driven audience online?

Many students can now get their news solely online, but, here at The Nav, we want our print paper to attract readers on their way to class, and during coffee breaks or study sessions in the library. We want to cover the kinds of topics that interest you, covering stories from across the campus, in your faculty and ours.

So don’t stop here—turn the brand-spankin’-new pages and check out what Kaytee Davis, our Art Director, has created (mind the angles). Notice the—empty—Letters page, and feel free to send us your opinion on anything we write about. And stories, recipes, and even articles written for a class, and get paid for your voice to be heard.

Then, find out what happened over the summer in our News, Arts, and Sports and Lifestyle sections, including a new RDN bus route, coverage on Boomshack’s summer concert, and summer highlights from the world of sports.

For the next eight months, look forward to election coverage throughout October, budget-friendly recipes, interviews in our revamped Sports and Lifestyle section, and bi-weekly book reviews from Lys Morton in Arts. After all that, be sure to flip to the calendar for a comprehensive look at the upcoming Harvest Festival this Saturday, and FROSH week with the VIUSU. (Don’t miss Current Swell performing on September 17!)

On page 22, our Odds & Ends section, we will continue to welcome any and all VIU students to send in their artwork, comics, poetry, and photography. Share with us what you’re working on: see it in print, online, and in the hands of your fellow students across campus.

Don’t feel like your writing is print-worthy? Relax, because The Navigator editors pride themselves on a thorough editing process, so your work will always look its best before it hits newsstands.

So, welcome—get comfortable, and stay tuned.