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A local group going by the name Friends of CST (Citizens for Safe Technology) is hosting a viewing of the documentary Take Back Your Power.

Take Back Your Power is a documentary by Josh del Sol, a filmmaker from Vancouver. The film is 90 minutes, showing the risks and consequences of smart meters.

Del Sol travels the world to find “the truth” about smart meters and the negative effects they have on hydro bills, the causing of house fires, health issues, and more.

After the film, questions can be asked, and there will be information on how to join the class action lawsuit against BC Hydro.

“There have been many people reporting sickness of all sorts immediately after smart meter installation in their home or apartment building,” said Kim Goldberg, one of the organizers.

Goldberg said BC Hydro has done nothing to prevent the damage they are causing. “If BC Hydro were to now admit the damage to human health caused by smart meters, the corporation would be on the hook for millions, if not billions, of dollars in personal injury claims.”

Goldberg said the thing she liked most about this film is that it shows a multitude of downfalls of the smart meters before touching on the health problems that come with them.

“It is hard for me to imagine any person still feeling alright about the smart meter on their home after watching this film,” said Goldberg.

“Fortunately, we do have some recourse through the class action lawsuit against BC Hydro, and even through actions as extreme (but legal) as purchasing your own safe analogue meter online and replacing your smart meter with a safe meter, since BC Hydro will not do this for you.”

The next two screenings of the film are Thursday, November 14 at Eagles Hall, 920 First Ave in Ladysmith at 1:30 pm, and Sunday, November 17 at the Harbourfront Library, Nanaimo at 1pm.

For more information on CST, visit and for more on the film visit