In issue 9, The Navigator covered the story about 11 students raising money to fund their trip down the coast, to see three universities in BC: VIU, UBC and SFU.

Only two months later, the group has surpassed their goal, raising just over $11k according to their FundMe page.

The largest donation was an accumulation of the events the students held in their small town, including pancake breakfasts, movie nights and bake sales. Some donations were anonymous, but many have comments underneath of gratitude from the teacher, Kathryn Ovenell-Carter.

“My hope is that we can use some of the extra money to give something back to our community as a thank you.” Ovenell-Carter said.

Her small class is thrilled at the successful fundraising and she especially thanks the donations from outside her community.

 “It means so much to my students to see that even total strangers are willing to get behind their education,” Ovenell-Carter said.

The money raised will “cover costs of travel, accommodations, admissions, meals, and other trip expenses.”

The group of students in junior high school will visit the three universities in May 2015, along with museums, movie theatres and science centres on their nine-day trip. Now, with the opportunity to add extra activities, swimming and biking have been added to the already exciting itinerary for the students.

Check out The Navigator’s previous article from the beginning. We look forward to seeing you on campus!